iOS App for Travelers


Wander helps travelers discover the most interesting places and people around them by streamlining explore, trip planning, category filtering, live audio tour and navigation features into one single app.

Elementz partnered with Wander to design this travel mobile app from concept to deployment. This included UX design, branding, UI design and native iOS development.

Elementz also developed and curated Wander’s point of interests database, which give app users access to tens of thousands of places and people data with concentrated coverage in the U.S. Wander offers engaging features such as trip planning, tour mode, and explore.

Key Features

  • Find unique historical places to visit, learn as you travel
  • Explore your surroundings using the fun “filter wheel”
  • Turn-by-turn navigation powered by Mapbox with beautiful UI
  • Simple, easy to use trip planner

Fun, easy to use and modern design

Wander makes it insanely easy to plan your trip. Set a starting and ending point, and it will give you a route, along with places of note along the way where you’ll want to stop to take pics, check out a kitschy tourist trap, or brush up on your history. And you don’t need to sign up an account to explore.

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