Subscription Based Meal Planning Platform

StressFree Recipes

StressFree Recipes Background

Stressfree Recipes is a web-based meal planning assistant that learns your health conditions, culinary preferences, and kitchen comfort level in order to create a customized dietary plan for you. The concept was developed by Candice Wood, who saw the need for a highly customizable meal-planning service and decided to create her own web-based business: Stressfree Recipes. “We realized that we could use technology to help us eat healthy without trying… [and] compute an algorithm to provide recipes based on calories, nutrients, and medical issues, using diet preferences and taste preferences… and then, there came StressFree,” Wood says.

Elementz Services

The website has many features developed by Elementz, including the Recipe Genius, a complex search engine algorithm that generates daily meal plans based on specific health needs and goals, food allergies and diet restrictions; taste, time, health, ease and cost can also be prioritized by the user. The Recipe Genius then generates tailored meal suggestions based on those customized preferences. The algorithm takes into account a user’s physical profile, medical conditions, and taste preferences.

Stressfree Recipes was created through an effort of interdisciplinary web frameworks. The PHP code base was codeIgniter along with sphinx integration, which enables indexing and searching functions, were used in the development of this web application.