On Demand Pedicab Mobile App


Pedal build eco-conscious, alternative forms of transit to reconnect people with their cities. With Pedal, you can easily order a pedicab to pick you up and take you to wherever you’re going.

Thanks to the exponential smartphone uptake and rapid technology development, the era of On Demand Mobile Services has dawned! So what exactly is On Demand Mobile Service?  “On Demand Mobile Services represent applications that aggregate demand on mobile services but fulfill that demand through offline services.”  Semil Shah, Venture Capitalist for GGV & Bullpen Capital.  Another way of explanation that I really like, “On Demand Mobile Services deliver a “closed loop” experience by collapsing the value chain including discovery, order, payment, fulfillment (offline but within owned network), and confirmation.”  Steve Schlafman (@Shlaf), VC at RRE Venture.

Key Technologies for On-demand Apps

  • Geolocation framework – The CoreLocation framework provides classes and protocols to configure and schedule location delivery and send location events to the server.
  • Mapbox Kit – Provide turn-by-turn directions as a routing app on user’s device.
  • Pedal text messages are powered by the Twilio telecommunications provider, where users can receive SMS messages with driver.
  • Payment integration – Pedal uses a cashless system. User can pay via debit or credit card, or use a promo code.

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