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The Locker Room

The Locker Room creates a social experience where guys can be guys and girls are free to be girls. It brings camaraderie to the next generation.

The Locker Room is a social posting app where both genders can privately share content. Through an interactive on-boarding process, The Locker Room determines your interests, suggests friends, influencers, and channels to follow. Users can share their intimate experiences, ask advice, and support their compeers. They may also feel confident by corresponding with real people who have passed identity authenticity on multiple levels. Every image, video, or text post created in The Locker Room stays in the The Locker Room. Each gender has a unique experience with the app.

Highlight–The Motion Design

Motion design has been becoming increasingly important to interface design. The animation is the new UI as they say. The Locker Room app created a motion language and reinforced their brand and gave it personality. Is it bouncy and fun? Secure and heavy? Smooth and professional? The animation will compliment your design and brand identity.

What did Elementz offer?

We worked alongside The Locker Room as their CTO and development partner and brought their ideas to life. We developed both iOS and Android native app for The Locker Room app as well as a backend admin that allows them to manage users and content in real time. Admin users can also moderate, push custom posts, filter users, and view top posts and users via the backend platform.

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