ERP System Software for the Metal Distribution industry


Bayern Software

Bayern Software is a market leader in the development of specialty software used by hundreds of metal service centers and manufacturers across the United States. Bayern approached Elementz about developing its full state of the art ERP system for the next generation of web-based computing systems.

The Challenge

Bayern Software needed a complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with mobile capabilities for financial, logistical, purchasing, sales, and inventory systems for steel industry organizations. In response, Elementz developed Capstone, a cost-effective, yet sophisticated ERP system with mobile capabilities, as well as an integrated software application with scalable architecture that effectively manages business processes and workflow.

Elementz & Bayern

We partnered with Bayern Software for over 5 years to develop Capstone, a tightly integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform tailored to the specific systems and operations of metal service centers and fabricators. The platform is now considered the crowning achievement of Bayern’s software offerings. Built in Adobe Flex, it produces management reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and financial reports using Infor’s F9. And with its inherently scalable architecture, it’s flexible enough to meet the needs of both small local facilities and large companies with branches across the United States. Elementz also developed Bayern’s mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, which allow users to easily track orders, as well as move and manage inventory. The mobile app automatically syncs with the database to allow instant access to a warehouse’s current inventory and allows users to tag warehouse items and take photos to post warehouse stock online.